LinkedIn Just Got More Useful for Business Marketing

If you market your (or your employer’s) business or organization using social media, and you are open to using Hootsuite as your social media organizer, you need to know about this useful new LinkedIn-related feature.

A little background: Many (including myself) use social media organizers such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck as vital “filing cabinets” for their social media content, be it tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates, “Group” conversations, and so on.  A major benefit of these social media organizers is that they enable you to simultaneously update Facebook, Twitter, and a number of other social media sites via just one post.  Using these organizers to update LinkedIn Company Pages, however, was not possible—until now.

Hootsuite’s new LinkedIn company-page update capability makes maintaining your company presence on LinkedIn far easier.  I believe it is likely to boost the popularity of both LinkedIn company pages and Hootsuite.  This is significant news because for many organizations, LinkedIn’s targeted audience of professionals and “career-advancers” is more relevant than the mass audience associated with Facebook company pages.

A few relevant links: My company page (please “follow me”), and the Hootsuite Blog post announcing the change. By the way, if this discussion of social media organizers has you a bit mystified, I cover the topic extensively in the “Twitter” and “Building Your Business” sections of my e-book.