HCC works with you or your organization to optimize performance, whether via traditional executive coaching or consulting (areas of consulting expertise include presentations, pitches, proposals, negotiations, marketing and business development including LinkedIn). Coaching and consulting scenarios include:

  • Executives and strong performers looking to optimize their efforts
  • New Managers seeking to transition successfully to their new management responsibilities
  • Individuals needing help with specific challenges, such as:
    • A work issue with a direct report, colleague, boss or external stakeholder
    • A direct report’s underperformance
    • An upcoming project, presentation, proposal or negotiation
    • Optimizing effectiveness in the first 100 days of a new role
    • Turning around a perception of poor performance

HCC’s coaching solutions are highly customizable; you can request a specific number of coaching hours (starting with just one) or a coaching or consulting engagement extending 3, 6, 9 or 12+ months.


  • Phase 1: Assessment – exercises (such as DiSC), a 360 review and additional discussion to identify development opportunities
  • Phase 2: Create Development Plan – work with coaching client to create development plan; manager signs off
  • Phase 3: Implement Development Plan – coaching to close gaps identified in plan
  • Phase 4: Final report issued by coach to client and their manager, sharing progress and next steps



Contact rob@hellmannconsulting.com for more information.