All testimonials are excerpts from live LinkedIn recommendations unless otherwise noted.

Career Coaching & Executive Coaching

“ Robert is an exceptional executive coach…<his> undivided attention is an awesome thing to experience! He’s incredibly sharp, insightful, articulate, and 100% present. He can connect seemingly disparate dots with ease, shift gears on a dime to make optimal use of finite time, and continually exceed high expectations with respect to business insights. He embodies the concept of a Trusted Advisor.
Senior Human Resources Executive

“I’ve worked with a lot of coaches throughout my career…They’re all good in one way or another. But, Rob stands out for me personally because of his laser-focus, incredible listening and retention skills and then giving back direct, very-forwarding advice. He is an uber career coach who really cares and won’t let you let yourself down and take the easy way out. He infuses you with the confidence and strategic skills to move ahead.”
Senior Marketing Executive and Startup Advisor


“Rob is an exceptional career coach. The level of targeted practical advice he offers is extremely valuable. He listens well, and always has suggestions that are on point. He understands how to leverage LinkedIn better than anyone I have met…He thinks quickly, and offers great insights to help his clients. He genuinely cares about ensuring his clients succeed.”
Information Technology Executive


“ spot on with his advice on interviewing, using LinkedIn, networking and negotiations… found my experience highly informative and inspiring. I really enjoyed Rob’s passion, knowledge and sense of urgency and learned a lot from his approach…The best part is that Rob’s coaching…got me excellent results in a short period of time.”
Senior Executive, Organizational Development, Global Telecom Company


“Robert is very sharp, very helpful and while he’s warm and kind, he’s also no nonsense, and gives clear, solid advice. He has been a big help to me at key moments in my career and I have recommended him to others many times.
Executive Director at a Non-profit


Working with Robert has been a terrific experience. Not only is he a positive force and a great listener but he can be honest, tough and supportive at the same time. His advice is steeped in experience and is always on point and practical. Rob helps you focus, rolls up his sleeves, and keeps you moving forward.”
Marketing SVP, large publishing company


“Rob brings the same positive and constructive energy to his career coaching as he does to his dynamic presentations.”
Creative Director


“I feel lucky to have Rob in my camp! He can help you tackle anything…You feel his support for you, and his interest in your success. He guides decision-making by helping you to consider points from a different angle. He’s a great career coach.”
Senior Director of Operations, COO


Rob’s career consulting advice is invaluable! His guidance and expertise provides a solid framework for career success at any stage.”
Managing Consultant, Global Financial Consulting Firm


“Rob is a phenomenal Career Coach.”
Account Executive, Publishing


“If you wish to live up to your potential, Rob is the person I strongly suggest you speak with.”
Marketing Professional


“I was considering a job change and trying to make some difficult apples-to-oranges comparisons between options. Rob was terrific in helping me weigh the different factors involved and come to a sensible conclusion.”
Attorney, Law Firm Partner


“Rob is a top-notch career coach. He clearly has the experience, skills, and personality to propel his clients to successful career achievements much faster than they could achieve on their own. I have seen him in action with clients, and he is intuitive, driven, and just plain great at what he does.”
Assistant Dean, Columbia University School of Public Health


“The best decision any job-seeker could make is to start their search by working with Rob. When I decided to relocate and break into a new industry, I contacted Rob and got more help than I imagined possible.”


“He is such an effective, nurturing coach. I can’t thank Rob enough for what he did for me. He helped me to successfully execute my interviews and aided me in how to ask the right questions. He taught me what not to do in an interview, how to network in today’s job market, and encouraged me to do my best. Rob was always accessible whenever I had any questions or was feeling discouraged. He always exhibited such enthusiasm and positive energy during our sessions. His consultations gave me the confidence to land an amazing job. I would NEVER have landed this perfect-fit job if it weren’t for Rob. He was a real inspiration to me, and his coaching technique has been invaluable.”
Editor, Global Publishing Company


“I found his creativity and strong marketing skills invaluable….his ease at thinking “outside the box” inspired many solutions that I would never have thought of on my own!”
Non-Profit Consultant


“Rob is insightful and makes every minute count in our strategic coaching sessions. I haven’t worked with anyone as effective, encouraging, or knowledgeable … he possesses in-depth knowledge … and conveys it with great energy, enthusiam and passion.”
Marketing Consultant


“I worked with Robert Hellmann and found him to be super helpful, which is why I recommend him to everyone I know who is in transition. Not only did he help me, but he also helped my brother…”
Email from SVP at Fortune 500 Tech Company


You’re more than my career coach – you’re my mentor in many aspects. You’re making a difference in my life and others.
Email from Marketing Research Professional


“Great work! You really helped me to move my search forward.” 
Email from c-level Marketing Executive


“Just wanted to say thank you for your help with preparing my 2-minute pitch and resume…While I was interviewing with companies I could tell that the interviewers were impressed with my resume as well as my two-minute pitch…a partner from Deloitte specifically said that my resume was impressive and he liked the way it was presented.”
Email from Financial and Product Analyst


“I…appreciate everything you did to keep me motivated and engaged in the process.You truly have a unique talent for helping people during an extremely vulnerable and confusing time.  I am so thankful that you were my coach :)”
Email from Event Planner


“As I just made my 6th month anniversary on my new job, I just feel so humbly grateful to you for the support I received from you…I just wanted to say thank you for providing me with new skills for job searching. I intend to refer people…”
Email from IT Professional


“Thank you for referring me to Rob Hellmann. I had my first phone conference with him yesterday and it was like a breath of fresh air!  After concluding our conversation, I felt more inspired and motivated than I have in a long time…I feel like I have a new lease on life.
Forwarded Email from Corporate Communications Professional

Workshops, Seminars & Keynotes

“I actually think that your presentations are far and above any other coach, guru, etc. when it comes to job search topicality. More than worth the time and your website is full of useful insights. Thank you!”
Attendee, Harvard Business School Alumni Webinar (from survey comment)

“I book many presenters, and he was among the strongest we’ve had in his area. Rob delivered a top notch talk, fully engaging and inspiring an audience of savvy, senior professionals…Feedback on Rob’s presentation was unanimously and enthusiastically positive. I’m now looking to bring Rob in again for an encore performance.”
President- Harvard Business School Club of New York, Senior Finance Executive

“I consistently receive strong positive feedback from attendees, and have been very impressed with the seminars that I’ve attended personally. Rob has been one of my top “go-to” people for presentations involving social media, the job-search, and on-the-job success, based on both his ability to engage an audience and his subject-matter expertise.”
Director, New York University, Wasserman Center for Career Development

“Rob is a top-tier seminar leader, and has added substantial value…an engaging speaker who is able to draw the audience in…He conveys highly relevant information in an easy to understand way, and really connects with the audience.”
Former Board President, CFA Society of Philadelphia, Senior Executive, Global Financial Institution

“Rob- I thoroughly appreciated your exec search presentation today. Most relevant, actionable intel I’ve seen so far. Your guidance gives me courage! Thank you.”
SVP of Operations at financial institution, attendee of HCC webinar on the Executive Job Search 

“ was veryyyyy pleased with his participation and style…They felt a sense of encouragement by the time the seminar had finished. I could see they really valued and appreciated Rob’s time and advice. I would be honored to do another presentation with Rob in the future!!! He is someone you want to bring in to your organization; especially after employees have been feeling anxious, lost… and looking for support.”
Senior Executive Recruiter, Global Talent Firm

 “In terms of his public speaking, Rob has stood out among the many career and job-search presenters that I’ve heard…Rob brings the same positive and constructive energy to his career coaching as he does to his dynamic presentations.”
Creative Director

“Rob’s presentation…was one of the best I’ve ever seen. He kept the audience engaged the entire time.”
Attorney, Corporate Finance

“Having heard Rob speak on several occasions on career related topics I can testify to his uncanny ability to not only hold an audience’s attention, but to generate the kind of enthusiasm that makes his presentations beyond a learning experience.”
Career Coach, HR Executive, Head of Five O’Clock Club’s Monday branch

“He has consistently received top-notch feedback on surveys…one recent example… ‘This guy is a professional- He was a powerhouse, to the point and full of insight and useful tips.’ His dynamic and energetic personality is game changing for so many, including myself. I would and do recommend Rob time and again for those looking for a keynote speaker, and/or an expert looking to motivate…He is truly one of a kind.”
Manager, NYU Alumni Programs

” a dynamic workshop leader who has given the attendees important insights”
Dean, Senior Administrator, SUNY Empire State College

“Your presentation was pertinent, to the point, very informative … we received a lot of very positive feedback from the senior financial executives in attendance. Personally, I took away a lot of things…”
Chief Financial Officer, co-Chair at The FENG NY Chapter

 count on Rob’s contribution of innovative and creative ideas, insights and overall expertise…extremely personable, engaging, motivating and inspiring.”
Director, Continuing Education, NYU

”His in-depth knowledge as a career consultant brings great value to our campus community…Rob goes beyond the call of duty – he is always looking to address questions and audience feedback and willing to stay to answer inquiries. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our graduates, who consistently return to programs to gain insight from Rob.”
Assistant Director, Montclair State University

“Rob Hellmann is an outstanding speaker who engages an audience with his enthusiasm and optimism.”
Chairperson, Westchester Career Networking Group

“This is one of the best Webinars I’ve attended in awhile – informative and lively – you packed so much into 1 hour.  A fantastic learning experience that was immensely enjoyable at the same time.”
Email from Career Consultant– attended webinar on LinkedIn for the National Career Development Association (NCDA- New York Chapter)

“Thanks a million! Once again, your presentation was great. I really walked away with useful resume tips that I can use during my job search. You’ve unlocked the mystery around titles, pitches, and content. May you continue to inspire individuals in transition to unleash their potential.”
Email from Attendee, New York University Alumni Seminar

“Thank you so much for the incredible energy and insight you delivered in Tuesday night’s sessions… Your presentations were chock full of fresh, relevant, and concrete advice that will definitely add to their effectiveness and confidence in the job search. They were very pleased and felt it was time very well spent.”
Email from Graduate Programs Associate Director, Columbia University

thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Not only was it very informative but motivational as well.”
Email from Project Manager, Presentation to Project Management Institute

“Thanks very much for speaking at the FENG last night – by all accounts it was a very successful event!”
Email from Finance Executive, Presentation to the Finance Executives Networking Group (FENG)

“Thank you again for your thoughtful presentation. All who viewed it were enlightened. We look forward to having you present again.”
Email from Supervisor, New York State Department of Labor 

“…please accept my thanks.  I have been stopped in the hallway many times by those who viewed your presentation and everyone learned something they found very valuable!”
Email from Organizer, Fortune 500 Corporation seminar on Social Media

“Your presentation and your materials were all excellent and the feedback from the participants was very enthusiastic. Many people came up to me after your talk to tell me how much they appreciated the information you gave us or mentioned that you were “terrific”, “informative”, or “great”.
Email from Organizer, Westchester New York-based Career Network

“We heard so many people comment on this seminar.  They found it to be so helpful and appreciated that we had you here.  Thank you again for a wonderful evening.”
Email from Organizer, Corporate seminar on Social Media

Thank you for such an informative presentation. As a hopeful career-changer, I’m inspired and motivated by your insights. Your points make so much sense on a logical level. I’m actually excited about my job search! Thank you again.”
Email from attendee, Seminar on Resumes, Pitches, and LinkedIn Profiles

“I really like your presentations.  They are clear, concise and organized and at the same time interesting and personal.  You have a real gift.”

Email from Career Coach– attended seminar on Social Media for the Five O’Clock Club