The links below connect to HCC resources or pre-screened (via personal experience or client recommendations) external resources that are free or inexpensive to use. If any of the links don’t work, please email to let us know- thanks!  Sections below include:


Sources of Royalty Free Images to Use in Presentations

The websites below are listed in roughly the order of the value obtained from them

Free Images

  3. :  Click on “Images” on the upper right. Type a keyword in the search box. You’ll get search results. Then select “Search Tools,” then “Usage Rights” to find images that are royalty-free.

Images where a small fee is required (generally better selection than free image sources)

    1. – one of the best selections
    2. – very good selection but expensive and filters aren’t as fine tuned
    3. – good selection, reasonably priced


Resources for Recruiting and Hiring Top Candidates (and avoiding mistakes!)

These two items are referenced in our “Hiring for RESULTS!” webinar and organizational workshops; feel free to view the webinar for additional context on how to use these materials.

Industry & Occupation Research : Great Bureau of Labor Statistics resource that shows projected job growth from 2018 – 2028. Tip: Use the link at the top to export the table to an Excel spreadsheet, then sort by job growth. : Summarizes the above BLS data in a way that is a bit more user-friendly. : BLS Occupational Outlook– thousands of occupations, including projected growth rates– great for brainstorming careers, although a bit overwhelming. : Yet another useful view of the same BLS dataset. Industries with the fastest projected employment growth. : Great resources for those interested in transitioning from for-profit to non-profit. : Lots of information about the human and social services sector, including position descriptions. : provides advice to those seeking employment in government agencies from local to national, as well as a job board. : My Next Move:  Helps to identify interests by job category, skills needed to pursue those interests, and the outlook for different professions. : ONET Online– A great site for researching hundreds of occupations and developing job targets.  Also, check out their self-assessment tools, which match up your interests, talents, and work-related values with their job descriptions: : Industries, and info on more than 3000 organizations, from jobhunter point of view. : Source of information on careers in investment banking. : Go to the “Guides” section, some great articles about careers and succeeding in your job.


Associations : Find your associations by typing in your search criteria. : Associations on the Net – good. :  Groups of varying quality for every interest or profession.  Worth checking out. Encyclopedia of Associations – at local library. Best source.

Below I’ve listed associations that I’ve either had had personal experience with or heard about from clients, in terms of fostering career development and new network contacts.  Most or all have local chapters and sponsor LinkedIn Groups.  If you are a client or colleague feel free to suggest others for this list, or let me know about your experiences with these!

Human Resources, Training and Development Associations : Association for Talent Development; I’ve been very involved with their New York City chapter, including serving on the Board ( – great association filled with wonderful people. : Organizational Development Network (great listserve and LinkedIn group, excellent speakers– I’m a member on and off).
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM):SHRM is the world’s largest HR professional networking/education association.
National Human Resources Association (NHRA) : Established in 1951, the National Human Resources Association (NHRA), supports the professional development of human resource professionals.
Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) : Professionals In Human Resources Association, founded in 1944, provides Human Resources professionals the opportunity to collaborate and enhance the profession.

Finance and Accounting Associations : Finance Executives International : Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association : National Futures Association – good source also for names of hedge funds through their association database. : CFA Society of Philadelphia (Chartered Financial Analysts).  Many other local chapters, access via the “CFA Institute” website at . I’ve delivered many seminars and webinars for this organization. : Association of Financial Analysts : Association for Financial Professionals – more for financial advisors : National Association of Stock Plan Professionals
The Professional Accounting Society of America (PASA):Since 2005, PASA, a professional accounting society, focuses on entry-level and mid-level associates working at accounting firms across America.
The Association of Professional Accounting & Tax Consultants : Formed in 1981, The Association of Professional Accounting and Tax Consultants Inc., consists of self-employed individuals whose focus is to assist their clients.
American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA) : The American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA), formed in 1938, provides opportunities for women in all fields of accounting and finance.
International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) : IFAC is a global organization, representing 2.5 million Accountants employed.
The American Finance Association (AFA): The purpose is to promote the knowledge of financial economics.
American Bankers Association : Represents banks of all sizes, supporting the nation’s banking industry and employees.

Marketing and Sales Associations

Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG): For “executives” (over $150k compensation).  Great organization (I’m a member). They have an excellent listserve, and their webinars and seminars about the latest trends and approaches are very helpful to the membership.
American Marketing Association (AMA) : The AMA is the largest marketing association in North America and is the source that Marketers utilize daily.
Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI) : This worldwide organization is dedicated to connecting individuals in the sales and marketing arenas.
eMarketing Association (eMA) : The eMarketing Association (eMA) is the world’s largest international association of eMarketing professionals, providing resources and services to the marketing community.
International Social Media Association (ISMA) : ISMA engages in promoting social media benefits, while encouraging peers and suppliers to network and stay abreast of the competition.
The National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) : Committed to developing Sales professionals to become leaders.
American Management Association : The AMA provides trainings and valuable resources to ensure Business professionals stay knowledgeable in the competitive business world.
National Sports Marketing Network

Pharma, Biotech and Healthcare Associations

Women in Bio – Biotech and Pharma, Universities, Institutes, and more
American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM)
The Professional Association of Health Care Office Management : Focuses on local health care concerns by networking with hospitals and medical organizations to solve local problems.

Technology-related Associations

Technology Executives Networking Group (TENG)
Global CIO Forum : Click on “BOTS Login, and then “Join.”

Other Miscellaneous Associations

Chief : Association for women executive leaders :  Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals : Society for Information Management (for Information Technology “Executives” ) : Project Management Institute (THE association for project managers– PMI certification is a key credential for project management professionals) : American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO):The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), a global network, enhances Entrepreneurs’ to be successful, by learning and growing from each other’s knowledge and experience.
The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) : Founded in 1942, provides Administrative professionals opportunities for growth, networking, education, and development.


Compensation Research websites Shows cost of living comparisons between cities (as well as other city “liveability” stats)   Self reported company salaries and company reviews.  You must share your salary anonymously at your current/prior firm to gain access (has both free and paid features) (also has a nice cost-of-living calculator) – Career Builder national average salaries – U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics mean annual wage data by occupation  Similar to Glassdoor. Self reported salaries and company reviews – search for a job, then you will see salary ranges for that job on the left column Robert Half® Salary Guide for Accounting & Finance – anonymously share salary-related information and the site shows your pay ranking on a bell curve. Issues include a) you don’t know their sample size, and b), common professions are listed (e.g. they show “marketing manager” but not “senior manager- marketing”). But still worth checking out. –  their focus is on companies in the Tech sector. They provide very detailed compensation breakdowns. – this executive search firm provides useful compliance, in-house counsel and general counsel compensation reports. – provides startup salary and equity ranges for some low-to mid-level positions. – research startups to understand their funding sources and timing

Job Boards
The following job boards are fee-based or member-based, targeted to more senior, executive-level opportunities : Executive level/c-level opportunities, as well as Board positions. Both free and paid options. : Find Board positions. Heard mixed reviews for this site, so use with caution.

Sites that pull listings from many other job-boards : Aggregates job postings from a broad spectrum of job boards, saving you time. : Another useful job-site aggregator (now owned by : focuses on positions posted on company websites (the benefit here is less “junk”)

Individual job boards : Huge listing of jobs at all levels, plus you can see if you know someone at the hiring organization or even if you know the poster. : their “angle” is that recruiters can use the site to post to multiple job boards at once.
: Search for jobs, post resumes. : The list wouldn’t be complete without it. : They have a good, diverse selection of help-wanted ads, including corporate, education, non-profit. :  Many local-market jobs are listed here. : Get employee reviews of the companies associated with the job postings.

Job boards focused on certain industries or professions that have been recommended : Jobs and volunteer opportunities at non-profits. : Find out about volunteer opportunities- could jump-start your next career. : Great job board for social service positions. : provides advice to those seeking employment in government agencies from local to national, as well as a job board. : A go-to resource for startup company job postings. : Great job board for Tech/IT positions. : Great job board for Environmental jobs. Includes a state by state listing of Environmental employers. :  Faculty and administrative positions in colleges and universities. : Faculty and administrative positions in colleges and universities. : International film and TV production-related jobs are listed here. : Journalism, TV, screenwriting, and other multimedia jobs. : Finance, banking, accounting and insurance jobs.

The following job boards highlight companies that have expressed a commitment to hire older workers: : For 40+ .

Other : International Association of Employment websites.  Search for specialized job boards by industry/profession and geographic area.


Company / Organization Research

Use these websites to find lists of organizations you may want to target, and the best regions in which to find them. – Lists the fastest growing companies. – companies founded between 2014 and 2021 with at least 50 employees were evaluated on three criteria: company reputation, employee satisfaction and growth. AngelList – Find jobs and investment opportunities at startups. – Focused on New York City, you can find list of Venture Capital firms, as well as startups that have just been funded or launched. – “We are the hub for NYC startups in tech” – find jobs at tech startups. – connect with startups as they seek to bring on their team, including co-founders and advisors. : lists resources for researching startup opportunities, including startup “reviews.” Best places to work in New York. 100 best companies to work for. You can filter by a range of criteria including telecommuting, health coverage, etc. Read the employee reviews of individual companies.
Forbes’ 2024 lists of the best midsize employers and the best large employers highlight which companies have distinguished themselves for their ability to keep their employees happy and engaged. ranks the top 100 non-profits by various measures of impact and visibility (does not take into consideration work environment, however): :  Research non-profit organizations LinkedIn contains very sophisticated organization search criteria, including by company size, keyword, industry, etc. LinkedIn is often my first stop when helping clients to identify lists of organizations to target.  Similar to Glassdoor. Self reported salaries and company reviews.  Contains some excellent company research resources. : Annual reports for companies around the world. : Great source for company information. : Direct access to latest company financials including 10K and 10Q. : Great site containing organization press releases.

Regions with best employment prospects’s list of the 20 best cities to find a job:’s list of the best cities to find a job:’s list of the best and worst cities to find a job:


Utilities & Misc Resources for Career Management

Finding and verifying email addresses for free : Helps you to find email addresses by giving you the likely email address format for a given domain name (e.g., etc.) : Sign up for their free account, and use it to find and verify email addresses (up to 25 per month for the free account)

Finding and verifying email addresses – paid (with limited free trials)
Each has a free plan that gives you 5-10 lookups. For each you can import lists of names and companies to get a number of email addresses quickly. : I’ve tried this and it works well. Has sophisticated email address and email-format search capabilities. Once you sign up for free, you’re allowed five free lookups per month. After that the plans are inexpensive. : Free plan gives you 10 email lookups. Paid plans are inexpensive and can be highly customized. : Lusha allows five free email lookups a month, then $75/month for 1,440 lookups, with other packages available. : I’ve tried it and it works well– easy to use and accurate from my experience.  You get a few emails for free, then you have to pay. : Free and inexpensive paid plans, plus company profiles.  Clients have reported success with this website.

Additional Resources : Identifies keywords for your resume & LinkedIn profile by comparing your resume to a job posting. : Enter a job description and it creates a “word cloud.” Use it to identify keywords for your resume and LinkedIn profile. : Assigns cities across the U.S. a “liveability” score based on a range of factors including crime, cost of living, etc. : You can test out your email subject lines, and receive a score. Also, lots of email-marketing advice.


Vendors & other Organizations

List of top search firms: I still find this list to be useful and accurate in terms of quality, even though it’s getting a bit dated! : They developed the best job-search methodology that I know of; it’s the one in which I’m certified, and use as the basis for much of my coaching. I consult with the Club on how to enhance and update the methodology, and I teach it to new coaches. : For career photos, e.g. website, LinkedIn, etc. Andrea is an incredible talent and a pleasure to work with. She took two photos on this website’s About page (the one with the client and the headshot). The Taproot Foundation places professionals in non-profit organizations for pro-bono projects.  Could be a great way to build experience in advance of a career or industry change, to fill in a resume gap, or just to do some good!