Employment Trends: Health Care Hot, Real Estate Not

Indeed.com, an online job-search engine that aggregates job postings from across the web, released an analysis of employment trends by industry and geography.  Their findings could be helpful to those of you who are looking to develop job targets– I recommend checking it out.  My observations from their data:

  • The health care sector shows the largest opportunity by far, with a total of 813,000 job-postings, followed by Retail (437k) and Information Technology (392k).
  • Predictably,  “Media and Newspaper” and Real Estate are at the bottom of the pack, at 53k and 34k, respectively.
  • “Financial Services and Banking” is bouncing back (I’ve seen this in the experiences of my own clients)– with 50% growth year over year, to register the fourth highest number of postings (289k).
  • Miami, Los Angeles, Riverside CA, Las Vegas, and Detroit were at the bottom in terms of the number of unemployed per job-posting.
  • New York took the # 4 spot of the top 50 regions listed, and DC was #1.

When forming your job targets, don’t just look at the external job-creation data.  The “internal” data counts for as much or more!  That is, consider what you enjoy doing that you are good at, how your next job should fit in with your long term vision for your life, and what work related-values you just can’t compromise on.