Your Resume vs. Your LinkedIn Profile: What You Need to Know – Recorded Webinar

resumes-vs-li-profiles<Note: this webinar is not significantly impacted by LinkedIn’s recent interface change; it remains just as valuable> Is your resume communicating how you can help a prospective employer in the 15 seconds a hiring manager is going to look at it? Are the keywords in your LinkedIn profile strategically placed to improve your likelihood of being spotted by a recruiter or hiring manager?

In this webinar (recorded from the Dec. 20th 2016 live event), executive career coach Robert Hellmann, author of Advanced LinkedIn, will review actual client examples of successful resumes and LinkedIn profiles. You’ll get the facts straight about what works, what doesn’t, and the important differences between these two essential mediums. In the process, you’ll learn how to craft a compelling resume and profile that will help you get meetings and interviews. Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • How to write powerful resume and LinkedIn profile content
  • Nine resume “do’s” and six resume “don’ts” that will debunk a lot myths and save you time
  • How to take maximum advantage of LinkedIn’s search algorithm, to improve the odds of a hiring manager or recruiter spotting your profile
  • How to address common issues, like gaps in your resume, too-much or too-little experience, or job-hopping
  • What you need to know about adapting your resume for your LinkedIn profile

INCLUDED: Access to the online folder for at least three months, to view/download the webinar recording and presentation slides; the slides contain resume examples from client success stories that you can use to help write your own resume.

Webinar recording run-time: 1 hour 21 minutes

Post-webinar survey comments include: “Pace was good…covered a lot of material…good insights into using LinkedIn to more effectively promote yourself…Exploded myths about length and content of resumes. Helpful suggestions on positioning for resumes and LinkedIn…<what I liked>Specific examples…before and after examples”