One Day “Peak Presenter” Workshop


This is our flagship organizational workshop. Every audience-member will see improvement, from presenters who are already strong to those who are sub-par. Retention of the material is maximized through opportunities for each attendee to try out what they are learning and gain valuable feedback. Presentations are videotaped so that attendees gain additional insight. All participants get copies of the book “PEAK Presentations.

Number of Attendees and Duration
Maximum 10 – so everyone has enough time to present and gain feedback. The duration is a full day, typically 8:30am to 4:30pm

Participant Learning includes how to:

  • Tailor the presentation to the audience, ensuring its usefulness
  • Organize their presentation for maximum impact
  • Engage an audience from the start, and excite and motivate throughout
  • Optional: Deliver a compelling, concise “pitch”
  • Manage Presentation Anxiety
  • Address “Mechanical Issues”– “um’s,” body language, etc.
  • Create a memorable experience, so audiences retain key learnings
  • Manage audience questions & “challenging” interactions
  • Develop a compelling “story”
  • Use slides, visuals, and other props

Coaching Option: A one-on-one coaching option can be added on to this program.

Who Should Attend
Any individual or team where presentations are used to convey information. Examples include:

  • Sales teams seeking to influence a buying decision (note – elements of the “Pitch” workshop can be integrated into this program)
  • Finance staff who present results, either internally, or to external analysts/audiences
  • Marketing teams proposing campaigns
  • IT staff recommending infrastructure investments
  • Product teams building a business case for a new development

Bottom Line Benefit
Just one “better” decision made as a result of this training could return thousands (or far more) in incremental revenue or savings to the bottom line.