LinkedIn for Business

Whether you are a sole proprietor or represent a Fortune 500 corporation, LinkedIn can help your business succeed. We develop customized workshops of lengths ranging from two hours to a full day that give your employees (or yourself) access to powerful LinkedIn tools that build business. The difference in duration is based on the extent to which you want us to instruct you on what to do vs. actually do it with you! Topics covered include:

  • Key elements of a LinkedIn profile that should be consistent across all sales or business development employees
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to identify and contact high potential leads – never make a “cold call” again
  • How to optimize LinkedIn SEO so your company and/or it’s employees are more likely to be found by those seeking your products or services
  • The best way to set up your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Ways to attract and source top candidates for open positions
  • Using LinkedIn to improve internal collaboration and employee engagement

These workshops are based on Robert Hellmann’s:

  • Acknowledged position by many top organizations as a LinkedIn thought leader
  • Certification by LinkedIn as a Professional LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Partnership with LinkedIn in leading training workshops for organizations

Rob has trained thousands of professionals and dozens of organizations on how to make use of advanced LinkedIn features to build business and land opportunities, and is a highly sought after speaker and workshop leader on the topic. He is also the acknowledged leading expert on LinkedIn at the Five O’Clock Club, an organization comprised of roughly 200 career and executive coaches.