For New Graduates: the “Get Hired” Program

Attention rising seniors, grad students and new graduates/alum’s (and parents, this is for you too): Graduating and moving on in the world can be wonderful AND a bit nerve-wracking, as these stats underscore:

Graduates like you need help to beat the odds and maximize the return on your valuable job-search time investment. This is where we come in.


We position you for success in any career or field in which you’re interested. We will show you how to get hired quickly in the career you want. Plus, you’ll learn valuable job-search and career decision-making skills that will last you a lifetime. And in the process, you may find yourself enjoying the job search experience!

Each of our eight sessions include a:

  • Career and Job Search Webinar (one hour) on one of the topics shown below
  • Results Team Career Strategy meeting (one hour). These Career Strategy meetings are conducted by phone and screen-share; they are an opportunity for you to get individually tailored feedback from an experienced career coach and others in the group (groups contain 3 to 10 course participants). In addition, you’re given optional “homework” to keep you moving forward between sessions.

The eight sessions are sequenced as follows:

  1. Find your “right” career: we’ll help you identify your skills, interests, values, and the longer term goals that are key to identifying your right career.
  2. Create your job search strategy: identify job targets, and create your job search marketing plan.
  3. Create your job-search “promotional materials”: get attention with a strong resume, LinkedIn profile, and pitch.
  4. Get interviews faster: learn how to access the “hidden job market” through networking and contacting people you don’t yet know. Boost your response from job postings.
  5. Communicate to get results: learn how to write powerful emails and cover letters, as well as communicate effectively in person.
  6. Ace the interview: whether in person, phone, or online, you’ll learn what they need to hear, what to ask, and how to follow up to close the deal (even turn a “no” into a “yes”!).
  7. Negotiate salary and the job itself: make sure you’re set up for success.
  8. Ensure success in the new job.


INCLUDED: our e-books Advanced LinkedIn and PEAK Presentations


Pricing for Organizations and Individuals: Contact us to discuss an arrangement.



Donna Poudrier and Robert Hellmann bring expert insights and a highly motivational, results-based approach derived from their many years of experience as career coaches, recruiters, hiring managers and, yes, jobseekers themselves!