Recruiting and Hiring Workshops

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Attention internal and agency recruiters who have a Recruiter license! Robert Hellmann, a LinkedIn Certified Professional Recruiter, is partnering with LinkedIn to deliver training on this platform. LinkedIn Recruiter can do so much to optimize your recruiting efforts, yet most users are just skimming the surface of it’s capabilities! In these workshops, we take deep dives into the strategies, features and techniques you should be using to have faster, better recruiting results. We cover:

  • Under-utilized Advanced Search techniques that will save you time and get you better results
  • InMail best practices, and analytic reports that will improve your InMail response rates
  • Candidate Insights tools that can help you quickly understand the talent pool’s skill sets/backgrounds
  • Pipeline management tools and strategies so you have candidates “on-deck” when you need to fill an opening quickly
  • Team collaboration features that will ensure candidates don’t slip through the cracks and your branding is optimized
  • Job posting best practices and analytics that will help increase response by the right candidates
  • How to leverage Recruiter to become a true strategic advisor to your business partners or clients.

Email if you want more information about training dates, registration and content.

Recruiting and Hiring Workshops

A single hiring mistake can cost your firm upwards of $50,000 and have more than double the bottom line impact of hiring an all-star. Add to that the human cost in pain and suffering (for the hiring manager, the unfit employee, and often the key stakeholders) and you have a situation that you really want to avoid!

We at Hellmann Career Consulting make our vast interviewing and hiring experience available to you, so you can avoid the mistakes and recruit the best!  Inquire about our:

  • 2 hour interactive seminars
  • ½ day workshops
  • Full day workshops

We provide recruiting and hiring support customized to your needs, including:

  • Facilitating the crucial upfront strategic work around deciding what you want in the new hire
  • Crafting a “Results-based” job posting that motivates the best to apply, and screens out the unqualified
  • Enhancing your sourcing approach to ensure you are fishing in abundant waters
  • Developing and practicing candidate interview techniques that will screen out mistakes and sell top candidates
  • Creating a custom evaluation scorecard and interview strategy, to ensure the “right” candidate gets the offer

Check out our free webinar to learn an approach to hiring that will add immediate value to your efforts. And of course, feel free to contact us for more information.