Find Your “Right” Career

Many new college graduates decide on what to pursue after college based on “that’s what I’m told I should do”, “that’s what I’m good at”, or “that’s where the money is”.  Yet it is not often that we take a step back and methodically test these assumptions, to see if other paths are both possible and might bring us more satisfaction.  Knowing what you like to do, what you’re good at, and where you want to go in life– these are the keys to planning a career move that will be rewarding and “right” for you.

In this talk, we’ll review self-assessment exercises that will provide both this self-knowledge as well as a framework for making decisions among many career possibilities.  Participants will learn how to take all the information they learn about themselves and then use it to make decisions about how to proceed next.  In particular, they will in the class:

  • Review the assessment exercises so you can work on them on your own – what you enjoy doing that you’re good at, what are your “work related values,” and what’s your vision for your life.
  • Learn how to take all their assessment results and organize them in a way that they can use to make decisions.
  • Hands-on techniques for researching possible job targets, including online resources such as LinkedIn, job-posting sites, and other databases.
  • Learn a field tested method for organizing all this information and using it to make decisions.

In the post webinar “Results Group” you will an opportunity to brainstorm with the coach and others in the classroom possible targets. By the end of the workshop, participants will be well on their way to deciding on their next job target and building their “marketing plan” to get what they want.