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PEAK Presentations: Engage Your Audience, Get RESULTS

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This insightful and informative guide can revolutionize how you communicate with any audience, including your clients and your bosses. Learn the RESULTS™ method and master the art of presentation. Whether it’s a thirty-second pitch or a two-hour seminar, whether you present to one person or a thousand, this book is for you. You’ll learn what information to include, keys to a memorable delivery, and how to use visuals, pacing, and storytelling to make your presentations shine. Written in a light, engaging style, and filled with case studies and easy to use tools, this powerful book gives you the skills you need to persuade and inform your audience, and get the results you seek.

Excerpt from an review: “This book is outstanding…The take-aways are numerous for all of us. Even seasoned presenters can learn from the book. Beyond that, this book is a must read for anyone who presents, teaches workshops or speaks to audiences as part of their job.”

Advanced LinkedIn (Updated August 2015)

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The evidence is clear: those who know how to use LinkedIn are reaching their career and business goals more quickly. If getting in the door is what you want, a firm grasp of LinkedIn is what you need. Written in a clear format and an accessible style, Advanced LinkedIn uses illustrations, client case studies and actual work samples to show you how to:

  • Write a powerful LinkedIn profile that gets attention from employers recruiters, prospects, and collaborators
  • Land meetings and interviews
  • Get introduced to employers and opportunities
  • Get inside information that gets you in the door
  • Advance in your current job, career or business
  • Use and prioritize Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media

Excerpt from an review: “<Hellmann> combines an obvious mastery of LinkedIn with a powerful, strategic approach to career advancement … The result is a highly useful, smart guide … a guide you will want to have by your computer.