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Results Matter: Make Your PRESENTATIONS Great! 
Webinar ($7.99): 
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Find out how to win over audiences by employing Hellmann Career Consulting's "RESULTS" methodology. Targeted to business development professionals and those needing to train, inform, recommend or persuade in a corporate or non-profit environment, in under an hour you will learn how to:

  • Engage Your Audience
  • Tailor Your Pitch
  • Sell Your Ideas
  • Present Like a Pro

Excerpts from seminar survey comments: "...informative and engaging..." "...very interesting and useful..." "Excellent workshop!"
Average participant survey score: 4.9 out of 5.

This material is in "webinar" format (stream or download the slide video/audio).

Your Social Media Job Search (NEW 4th Edition: Updated June 2014)
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LinkedIn is now an essential tool for job-seekers and career-advancers. But, you can't forget about Twitter and other social media! This book helps you reach your career goals by revealing advanced social media techniques, illustrated through client case studies and work samples. Learn how to:

  • Write a powerful LinkedIn profile that attracts employers and recruiters.
  • Use Twitter and LinkedIn for fast career-related research.
  • Get meetings & interviews from your network & "strangers" via "advanced" LinkedIn.
  • Know when to use Facebook and blogs to get ahead of the competition.
  • Advance in your current job by leveraging LinkedIn, blogs, and other tools.
  • Build your business or consulting practice using social media.

Excerpt from an Amazon.com review: "Hellmann...has given us all a great treat --- his up-to-date and practical advice on the how to use Social Media tools in your job search. This is a book that you will keep right next to your computer."

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